Philippine Adoption Lawyer

Outline of our Philippines Adoption Services

Adoption is a lifelong, life-changing journey for all the participants of the adoption : adopted children, and adoptive parents.

Baylosis & Culangen Law Offices will assist you to Adopt a Filipino Child in the Philippines; whether you are Filipino, Foreign Citizen local or foreign resident. Our comprehensive service covers adoption research and preparation and the filing of the Petition for Adoption with the correct Regional Trial Court in the Philippine. In addition, we liaison with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to advance the Adoption procedure.

After the finalization of an adoption, there is no legal difference between adopted children and those born to the parents.

Our law firm will guide through all the steps of the procedure of Philippines adoption.








  1. Looking to adopt my fiancé niece which her mother passed away last year . We’re all in agreement that this adoption is in everyone’s best interest .

  2. Hello.
    I have a friend in the Philippines that is 7 months pregnant.

    We would like to adopt her baby.
    She consents to the adoption.
    The father is not in the picture.

    I am a US citizen.

    How can we adopt this baby as soon as possible ? She is due to have the baby in June

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