Philippines Corporate Taxation

Companies that are resident of the Philippines are taxed on worldwide income. Non-resident companies are taxed only Philippines income (branch office in the Philippines). Dividends received by Philippine Corporations or resident foreign corporations are not taxed. Capital Gains Taxes Capital Gains Taxes are usually taxed as income. The sale of shares that are not listed… Continue reading Philippines Corporate Taxation

BOI - Board of Investments Tax Incentives

A corporation investing in the Philippines may avail of tax breaks and incentives by registering with the BOI - Board of Investments. The company must operate a business which has been recognized as a preferred area of investment in the Philippines Investment Priority Plan (IPP). For business activities not covered by the IPP incentives may… Continue reading BOI - Board of Investments Tax Incentives

Marriage Annulment & Divorce in the Philippines

1 – My wife and I are Filipino citizens living overseas can we obtain a divorce in our country of residence? Divorce is not acknowledged under the laws of the Philippines. Filipino citizens, no matter what their country of residence must follow the procedure indicated in the Family Code of the Philippines to have their… Continue reading Marriage Annulment & Divorce in the Philippines

Philippine Representative Office

The procedure for obtaining a license from the SEC to operate a Foreign Company Representative Office in the Philippines is similar to that of the Foreign Company Branch Office. The required minimal inward remittance of funds for a Foreign Representative Office as working capital is US$ 30,000.00 as opposed to the minimum paid up capital… Continue reading Philippine Representative Office

Philippine Economic Zone Authority Tax Incentives

Philippines PEZA – Philippine Economic Zone Authority Companies that register and locate within an area that is under the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) are entitled to various tax incentives and other advantages. Usually enterprises located in a PEZA approved ecozone are required to export 100% of their production. Incentives for Ecozone and IT Locators… Continue reading Philippine Economic Zone Authority Tax Incentives

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